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The University of Minnesota health sciences combine to form one of the largest, most comprehensive academic health centers in the nation. Our colleges, schools, centers, and programs focus on training the next generation of health professionals, conducting groundbreaking research, and working together to deliver excellent patient care.

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University of Minnesota Academic Health Center

The Academic Health Center at the University of Minnesota is home to six colleges and schools, more than 90 centers and institutes, and hospitals and clinics, including a partnership with University of Minnesota Health. We are one of more than 100 members of the Association for Academic Health Centers nationwide.

Our health professionals and students work and learn together. Doctors train with pharmacists. Public health workers partner with veterinarians. Nurses collaborate with dentists.

For Minnesota, this means well-trained, collaborative health care providers; highly informed researchers exposed to different perspectives; and ultimately, healthier families. Read more about our impact.

The Academic Health Center aims to:

  1. Educate the next generation of doctors, nurses, pharmacists, dentists, public health professionals, and veterinarians.
  2. Discover and deliver new preventions, treatments, and cures that improve the health of families and communities.
  3. Enhance Minnesota’s bioscience industries and grow the state’s economy.

We advance these goals through:

  • Our people—students, faculty, and staff who are learning and discovering every day
  • Our state—which has invested in the Biomedical Discovery District and the Minnesota Partnership, a collaboration between the University and Mayo Clinic
  • Our donors—who have given generously to support the University of Minnesota Foundation
  • Our business partners—who help bring discoveries made by our faculty to market, and thus to the people of our state.