Expert Alert: University of Minnesota expert on antibiotic resistance

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The growth of drug resistant bacteria is of global concern. One of the most important strategies to reduce antibiotic resistance is to promote responsible antibiotic use in both people and animals. University of Minnesota veterinary researchers, with the support of a $2.25 million grant from USDA’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture, are investigating ways to minimize antibiotic resistance throughout the poultry production system.

The following University of Minnesota expert is available to discuss antibiotic resistance:

Randall Singer, DVM, PhD, Researcher, University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine

Singer’s research focuses on ecological influences to disease systems He is currently looking into how to develop strategies to antibiotic resistance and guidelines for the safe and responsible use of antibiotics in both human and veterinary medicine. He plays a key role in developing strategies to decrease the emergence of resistant bacteria, which is critical in preventing the spread of resistant infections in food animals, pets, wildlife, and humans. Last week he was invited to the White House as a member of the One Health Forum on Antibiotic Stewardship.

To schedule an interview with Singer, please contact Kali Dingman, Academic Health Center 612-626-2767,, or Laurie Brickley, College of Veterinary Medicine, 612-624-6228 or