Alan Hirsch, M.D.

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Professor, Cardiovascular Division, Medical School

“Vascular diseases represent the most common, morbid, and deadly disorders. We are encompassed within a ‘global pandemic’ of vascular disease, and thus it is stunning that our awareness of this burden remains so low. A focus on preservation of vascular health would provide equally stunning benefits.”


Alan T. Hirsch, M.D., is a professor of Medicine, Epidemiology, and Community Health in the Cardiovascular Division and the Lillehei Heart Institute, and serves as the Director of the Vascular Medicine Program in the Medical School at the University of Minnesota. Dr. Hirsch is a vascular medicine specialist and cardiologist. As an established clinician-investigator, his work has evaluated the relative benefit, risk, and health economic impact of biobehavioral (lifestyle), pharmacologic, endovascular, and cell therapy treatments for vascular diseases.

Dr. Hirsch is the author of over 200 original peer-reviewed manuscripts and book chapters, was a founding member and Past-President of the Society for Vascular Medicine, and is a Fellow of the American Heart Association Council on Epidemiology and Prevention. He is a member of University of Minnesota Physicians and practices within the Cardiovascular Center at the University of Minnesota Medical Center.

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