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To truly understand the impact of the University of Minnesota’s health sciences programs, it helps to take a wide view.  After all, when taken as a whole, our size and scope position us as one of the most comprehensive academic health centers in the nation.

Combined, our six academic areas have more than 6,400 students enrolled in 62 degree programs. These academic programs are complemented by dozens of centers and institutes focusing on specific fields of research

We’ve established more than 1,500 clinical training partnerships across Minnesota, many of them in rural or underserved communities that serve as training sites for our students. 

Within our clinics and hospital sites, Academic Health Center health professionals see more than 1 million patients each year.

From our size comes direct benefits to the citizens we serve. Over the course of our history our impact has grown alongside our academic, research, and clinical initiatives. And we contribute greatly to the University's economic impact in Minnesota.

We invite you to take a closer look at our impact on the state of Minnesota, and how we’re guiding the evolution of health care on a global scale. 

aerial photo of AHC and Minneapolis