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Every day, University of Minnesota health sciences researchers set out to change the world. We thought it was time to welcome you into theirs.

At the University of Minnesota, our health sciences programs grow by the guiding hands of more than 1,500 amazing men and women. These are the faculty of the six schools and colleges that comprise our Academic Health Center, and each has a story to tell.

Through two video series—the Why You Do What You Do video series and Every Day—we take viewers inside the lives of our faculty. Rather than simply profiling their research or clinical specialties, we focus on what drives them to make their world a better place. 

Every Day Video Series

The Every Day video series is designed to connect the people of Minnesota to our health researchers in a new and powerful way.

In each short video, we take viewers to the intersection where the personal and professional lives of our researchers meet. There you’ll find a passion for improving our world that can’t be confined to the hours of a standard workday. Instead, it lies with them every hour of every day.

The Why You Do What You Do Video Series

Imagine staring down a series of problems you knew it would take years to solve. What would motivate you to tackle a problem that large? Where would you even start?

In each short video in the Why You Do What You Do video series, a researcher from within the health sciences provides a first person narrative of what drives them to spend their careers tackling the grand challenges of our time and improving the lives of people worldwide.