Cardiovascular disease

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Heart graphDid you know that cardiovascular disease causes more than half of all deaths in the U.S.? The condition afflicts people of all ages - robbing us of our newborns, our children, our parents and our grandparents.

Now imagine a world free of cardiovascular disease.

This is the goal of University of Minnesota cardiovascular researchers, and it’s been our focus since we first pioneered open heart surgery and early solutions to heart failure.

Our cardiovascular leadership, born with the legacy represented by the Lillehei Heart Institute, has given life to an entire industry sector in Minnesota. Our physicians have transformed countless lives with major advancements in transplants, biomedical devices, and other techniques for the treatment of cardiovascular defects and disease.

Today, we’re blazing new paths forward. We’re investigating new applications for stem cells within cardiovascular medicine and helping to develop devices that will keep our friends, neighbors and family members living longer with once-fatal cardiovascular conditions.

Such research and clinical breakthroughs are part of our promise to you that we plan to meet our goals, and rid the world of cardiovascular disease.

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Education and training opportunities

The Lillehei Heart Institute funds and manages several superior educational programs in cardiovascular research with the goal of producing world-class researchers who will advance the cure for heart disease.

Lillehei Summer Research Scholars Program offers prestigious research scholarships in cardiovascular medicine for high school juniors or seniors, or undergraduates. 

Cardiovascular fellowships: