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With more than 25 million people now living with diabetes in the U.S., the condition has grown into an epidemic. Fortunately, researchers at the University of Minnesota are leading efforts to combat this trend with some of the most innovative research and treatments currently in process anywhere in the world.

Clinically, researchers in the Schulze Diabetes Institute and the Center for Diabetes Research are closing in on potential cures and better treatments. The University is one of a handful of institutions worldwide to offer islet transplantation. We’ve also participated in groundbreaking studies of diabetes' link to heart disease. Our researchers continue to refine treatments, in an attempt to reverse or better control this devastating disease.

The Center for Immunology has already made an impact in the field, despite being around for only a few years. The Center has developed new methods for diagnosing Type I diabetes earlier in the disease process, which allows for earlier initiation of treatment. 

From basic science research on new sources of sugar-regulating cells to large-scale studies of who gets diabetes and why, the University’s health sciences are advancing better ways to diagnose, treat and prevent diabetes.

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