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In 2013, after much debate, the American Medical Association voted to officially declare obesity a disease, effectively classifying 78 million American adults and 12 million children as having a medical condition that requires treatment. Such numbers indicate obesity is one of our country’s most challenging problems. Many have termed the issue an epidemic.

Like any major health issue, the obesity problem in the United States won’t have any one single solution. Instead, combating the obesity epidemic will take new prevention models, changes to how Americans consume food and how the problem is treated clinically.

Across the University’s health sciences, public health, nursing and medical school experts conduct research that has shed new light on the causes of obesity and outlines potential solutions. Clinically, our physicians are national leaders in pediatric and adult weight management strategies.

If the obesity issue is going to be solved by coming at the problem from every angle, the University of Minnesota is well positioned to make a lasting impact.

Obesity prevention research

Education and training opportunities

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Epidemiology MPH | Community health promotion MPH | Epidemiology PhD

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epidemiology | public health

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