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The University of Minnesota Genomics Center (UMGC) provides genomics research services committed to advancing genomics in Minnesota. The UMGC maintains and acquires state-of-the-art instrumentation and offers an array of services including sequencing, expression, genotyping, nucleic acid extraction and related support. We strive to keep pace with the ever-broadening world of “omics” technologies (genomics, epigenomics, metabolomics), and to expand our role at the University and the wider biotech community.

What we do

  • Provide genomics research services for UMN investigators and external companies. Although the primary goal of the UMGC is to provide a diverse portfolio of research services to UMN investigators, we also have a mandate to translate discoveries in genomics to the founding of knowledge-based companies in the State of Minnesota.
  • Assess and acquire emerging technologies to drive the expansion of biomedical and agricultural research. Genomics technologies evolve at a rapid pace. The efficient and well-planned evaluation and acquisition of new instrumentation is paramount in maintaining a competitive advantage for UMN researchers and external clients.
  • Advise clients on choosing appropriate technology for research goals.

News and Annoucements

NanoString is offering discounted pricing for new products through the end of March 2017. NanoString is offering a 50% discount on the first 12 assays. New NanoString panels include DNA SNV Solid Tumor Panel, RNA:Protein Solid Tumor Assay for Lysate, RNA:Protein Solid Tumor Assay for FFPE, DNA:Fusion Lung Assay, Myeloid Innate Immunity Gene Expression Panel, and Non-Human Primate Immunology Gene Expression Panel. Please contact NanoString for more information by emailing


UMGC Newsletter Winter 2016 - includes a link to our internal price list as well as new services, new instruments, pilot grants, and an upcoming webinar.

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