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Quality Control

Sample Quantification and Quality Control

  1. Qualitative Analysis by Capillary Electrophoresis: UMGC has a Caliper GX and a Agilent Bioanalyzer 2100 for analysis of DNA, RNA, proteins, and cells.
  2. Sample Quantification: UMGC has a NanoDrop 8000 full-spectrum spectrophotometer for quantification of DNA and RNA samples. In addition, we have a BioTek Plate Reader used to perform PicoGreen and RiboGreen fluorescent assays for ultrasensitive quantification of nucleic acids.

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RNAi Clones

UMGC provides easy and economical access to the latest in whole genome RNAi collections through the Open Access Program from Open Biosystems. Individual constructs are available as either bacterial stocks or lentivirus. The program currently includes the following libraries:

Human and Mouse GIPZ lentiviral shRNAmir
Human and Mouse TRC lentiviral shRNA
Human TRIPZ inducible shRNAmir

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RNAi Validation of Knockdowns

UMGC will design and validate Roche UPL primer-probe set for gene-of-interest. We will perform RT, Q-RT-PCR for all total RNA samples and provide a validated knockdown report with all raw data. Validated primer-probe sets can be used for further Q-RT-PCR work. Please contact for more information.

IDT DNA/RNA Oligo Synthesis

UMGC offers custom DNA, RNA, Ultramers in 96-well and 384-well plate formats. Oligo synthesis services in quantities ranging from 10 nmole to 10 umole scales through IDT. Oligos can be ordered as individual tubes or in plate format as well as standard desalted or purified (HPLC or PAGE). IDT offers a wide range of Modifications. Oligo QC includes individual mass spec analysis and CE reports. In addition to general DNA/RNA Oligos, IDT offers multiple products that can be ordered using the online ordering IDT Portal (including gBlocks, Gene synthesis, etc.).

Covaris Shearing

Covaris mechanical shearing delivers unbiased DNA fragments for downstream sequencing applications. Shearing produces reproducible size distribution needed for your experiment.

Samples must be submitted in multiples of 8. Please contact Elyse Froehling at for any questions or external pricing.

DNA & RNA Extraction

UMGC provides DNA Extraction with IRB Approval from Individual blood samples from Vacutainer or 96 well plate format as well as Oragene (tube or disc format).

We also provide custom DNA and RNA from Tissue, FFPE, frozen pellets, etc.

We will archive your samples or ship them to a specific location.

UMGC provides a variety of additional services for extracted samples. They range from quality control, normalizing, sample pulling and plating, etc.

Service Options, Rates, Submission Forms & Guidelines