Expression Analysis

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The UMGC provides a variety of options for clients who are considering gene expression analysis. Our range of platforms and applications encompasses solutions for quantifying gene expression levels in almost any species of interest. Assays are available genome-wide, and for focused content experiments. The UMGC is now processing samples using the nCounter Analysis System, from NanoString Technologies, providing a novel high-resolution approach for detecting and counting up to 800 target molecules in a single reaction. The nCounter offers an assortment of CodeSets panels (pre-built and custom designed) with as little as 150 ng of input material. The nCounter Analysis System widely used for gene expression, miRNA expression, and copy number variation.  In addition, the UMGC offers targeted expression services using the Roche Universal Probe Library combined with Q-RT-PCR on the ABI 7900HT. This service is an excellent option for researchers seeking to validate target genes from array expression results. The platforms available for expression analysis include microarray instrumentation from Illumina, NanoString, and the Illumina HiSeq 2000 sequencers for transcriptome sequencing. We also provide access to RNAi knockdown services using Open Biosystems shRNA libraries for all human and mouse genes. Ultimately, the platform of choice will depend on budget restrictions, species of interest, and the scientific goal of the experiment being considered.

  1. Consult UMGC staff to outline goals of the project.
  2. The researcher using Ambion, Qiagen, or equivalent kits will isolate RNA; the UMGC will provide appropriate guidelines for sample preparation and submission.
  3. The client completely fills out and returns a hard and electronic version of the nCounter submission form.
  4. Samples are processed using the chosen protocol.
  5. UMGC staff reviews data and delivers data to client.
 Cost Structure

There are generally 3 cost categories when considering an expression project using any of the above technologies. RNA QC, arrays/reagents or library creation and processing fees will be greatly dependent on the protocol chosen and size of the expression project. There are 3 general pricing points for most projects (protocol determines which points are charged). Sample QC, assay design/validation or assay reagents/consumables and assay processing fees. As stated previously, the cost for expression per data point is very dependent on the protocol selected. Please consult with UMGC staff to obtain a quote for your specific project.