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The UMGC provides a variety of options for clients who are considering genotyping projects. The range of platforms and applications encompasses solutions for researchers requiring services aimed at determining a low to mid-plexity of SNPs over many samples to SNP discovery on a genome-wide level. Scientific goals may overlap across platforms and details of specific project intent should be discussed with UMGC staff prior to project initiation. The diverse platforms available for genotyping include Taqman, Agena Bioscience iPLEX, ABI GeneMapper, Illumina Infinium and custom iSelect, SNP and CNV analysis using Illumina next-generation sequencing. Custom panels are also available for several platforms.


Fragment Analysis

Uniplex: Taqman and Amplifluor

Low Plex: (140 SNPs) - Agena Bioscience iPlex

Mid Plex: (3,072 to 90,000 SNPs for iSelect HD or 90,001 to 700,000 SNPs for iSelect HTS) - Illumina

Genome-wide discovery: Illumina InfiniumNext-generation Sequencing


Getting Started

  1. Consult UMGC staff to outline goals of the project and applicable platforms.
  2. DNA is isolated by the researcher using approved methods and submitted to the UMGC for QC. All submitted samples are subject to UMGC QC requirements to ensure successful assays.
  3. Client completely fills out and returns electronic version of DNA Submission Form.
  4. Samples are assayed on chosen platform.
  5. Data delivered to clients in various platform specific formats.
 Cost Structure

Pricing for genotyping will be greatly dependent on the platform chosen and size of the genotyping project. There are 3 general pricing points for most projects (platform determines which points are charged). Sample QC, assay design/validation or assay reagents/consumables and assay processing fees. As stated previously, the cost for genotyping per data point is very dependent on plexity and platform. Please consult with UMGC staff to obtain a quote specific to the project in question.