Health Care Practice Nomination Requirements

Deadline for submission is Friday, August 3, 2018.

For 2018, eight faculty will be inducted into the Academy, including at least one from each AHC college or school.

Requirements for nomination 

  1. Nominee: Must be a current, paid full-time member of the AHC faculty. Faculty at all ranks are eligible.
  2. Nominator: Must be a current member of the AHC faculty or faculty emeritus. Self-nominations are not permitted. Nominators are responsible for submitting the completed nomination packet.
  3. Letter from Nominator: Should summarize how the nominee’s practice of health care is amongst the best of all faculty within the nominee’s AHC college. The nominator should cite appropriate metrics and outcomes to demonstrate the outstanding nature of the nominee’s practice. Each college or school may provide additional guidance as to which metrics are most relevant and reliable. Nominations that rely solely on testimony, rather than measured outcomes, will not be considered further. If the nomination is based upon a health care innovation, the innovation should be unique and documentation of measurable improvements in health care should be included. This document should not exceed three pages.
  4. Vita: Complete vita.
  5. Submission process: 
    1. Combine into a single PDF with materials in the following order:
      • Nomination letter
      • Nominee’s CV
    2. Forward to the collegiate/school dean or associate dean for clinical affairs for ascertainment of the highest level of professionalism by the nominee. Each college will determine its own criteria for evaluating professionalism and for reviewing relevant information.
    3. The deadline for receipt of nominations is Friday, August 3, 2018 at 4PM.
    4. After approval at the collegiate level, nominations should be sent to:

Review and selection

A panel of reviewers from across the AHC will be formed to evaluate and rank the nominations.

For questions, please contact your collegiate/school associate dean for clinical affairs:

College of Nursing - Tom Clancy
College of Pharmacy - Michael Swanoski or Sarah Westberg
College of Veterinary Medicine - David Lee
Medical School - Bobbi Daniels
School of Dentistry - Todd Thierer
School of Public Health - Jon Christianson

For general questions, contact Mark Paller, Senior Associate Vice President for Health Sciences (