Health Research Nomination Requirements

Deadline for submission is Friday, August 3, 2018.

Nominations from all AHC schools and colleges are encouraged.


  1. Nominee: Must be a current, paid full-time member of the AHC faculty. Although faculty at all ranks are eligible, the level of accomplishment required to be competitive is such that only faculty who have attained the rank of professor are generally considered. 
  2. Nominator: Must be a current member of the AHC faculty or faculty emeritus. Self-nominations are not permitted. Nominators are responsible for submitting the completed nomination packet that includes external and internal supporting letters.
  3. Letter from Nominator: Should summarize the nominee’s research accomplishments and the impact of those accomplishments on the national and international community. It should briefly describe the five papers that represent the nominee’s most important research contributions, and list the nominee’s most prestigious research awards. This document should not exceed three pages.
  4. Vita: Complete vita, including grant support.
  5. Letters of support
    1. External: The nominator will contact four of the nominee’s peers at other institutions. The nominator will ask them to focus on the impact of the nominee’s research to the field in question and to the potential impact on human health in a broader context. The letters should include a statement about the impact that the nominee’s collective body of scholarship have had on the field, and how the nominee compares with the top one percent of other researchers in their field. These letters are to be returned to the nominator for inclusion in the nomination packet.
    2. Internal: The nominator will contact two of the nominee’s colleagues at the University of Minnesota and ask them to comment on the nominee’s scientific accomplishments, contributions to collaborative research at UMN and elsewhere, and track record in mentoring the next generation of investigators in biomedical and health research. These letters are to be returned to the nominator for inclusion in the nomination packet.
  6. Submission process: Combine into a single PDF with materials in the following order:
    1. Nominator’s letter
    2. Four external supporting letters
    3. Two internal supporting letters
    4. Nominee’s CV, including grant support
  7. Submit to: AHC Office of Research, c/o
  8. Questions about the Academy should be directed to Dr. Tucker LeBien at