History of HSEC

The University of Minnesota has one of the most comprehensive health sciences centers in the nation and trains 70% of the healthcare professionals in Minnesota.

The Health Sciences Education Center is a result of former Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton’s 2015 Blue Ribbon Commission that recognized the need to strengthen the University’s ability to serve as a statewide healthcare resource for providers and patients and address the healthcare workforce, aging population and increased chronic needs.

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The future of team-based health care

Improving Care for Patients

Importantly, HSEC was created in response to the needs of the healthcare industry, and will ultimately improve care for patients across Minnesota. The healthcare systems have told us graduates need to know how to work together in teams before entering the workforce. Training all professions to work at the top of their license and to collaborate as teams will increase access and affordability of care.

In 2017, the Minnesota Legislature approved a budget for the new Health Sciences Education Center. HSEC embodies the commitment by the University of Minnesota and the state of Minnesota to healthcare education.