Mini Medical School

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a health sciences student? Here’s your chance.

Mini Medical School presentation in an auditorium

Each semester, the Academic Health Center presents Mini Medical School, a unique perspective into the health sciences at the University of Minnesota. Once a week for five weeks, students – ranging in age from high school students to retirees – with a shared interest in health embark on a journey examining the scientific foundations of health and disease. Presented in a language everyone can understand, your guides are internationally renowned University of Minnesota experts who are shaping the way health care is delivered locally and globally.

In addition to learning from our world-renowned faculty in the classroom, students have the opportunity to take part in hands-on, experiential activities before most classes. Designed to give students a glimpse into ways that today’s health sciences students are learning, activities include exploring the latest medical devices, new therapies and up-close looks at specimens.

Enrolling in Mini Medical School will give you the opportunity to:

  • Learn from the University of Minnesota’s world-class experts
  • Participate in hands-on learning activities
  • Hear about leading-edge research and new medical therapies
  • Engage in discussion with other students with a shared interest in the health sciences

MMS in recess

The Mini Medical School is currently in recess as the Academic Health Center makes some organizational changes. The hope is to be able to resume the sessions of this popular program sometime in the future.

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