University of Minnesota, UMPhysicians and Fairview Health Services Launch University of Minnesota Health

Friday, February 14, 2014

The University of Minnesota, University of Minnesota Physicians (UMP) and Fairview Health Services have launched University of Minnesota Health, a new brand aimed at bringing innovative, high-quality health care to more people throughout Minnesota.

This new brand represents the closer integration of the three organizations and their commitment to deliver the best care to patients in the way that best suits their individual needs.

University of Minnesota Health will integrate many operations of Fairview and UMP without merging the two organizations. For patients, this will mean easy access to a wide spectrum of specialists. The experience moving from one specialist to the next will be streamlined across all the facilities and services within University of Minnesota Health.

The partnership will include University of Minnesota Medical Center, University of Minnesota Amplatz Children’s Hospital, University of Minnesota Physicians clinics and service lines (such as heart and cancer care), and University of Minnesota Physicians clinics within Fairview Maple Grove Medical Center.

The structure will also provide additional funding to the Medical School annually for the next 10 years via earnings from the clinical enterprise. The payments are $7 million in the first two years of the agreement, $8 million in the next two years, and $10 million for six additional years. This academic support will play a critical role as the University of Minnesota meets the challenges of the changing healthcare marketplace, and trains the next generation of health professionals. 

“Since the first discussions around the creation of University of Minnesota Health, the goal has been simple.  We want to bring the best care to patients no matter where they live or how they access our services,” said Bobbi Daniels, chief executive officer of University of Minnesota Physicians. “We understand the critical role of academic medicine in this state, and we are excited to make these benefits even easier for patients to tap into.  University of Minnesota Health will help us provide better care to more patients while at the same time supporting our important research and education goals.”

In May 2013, the boards of all three organizations formally agreed to enhance the partnership between the University of Minnesota, Fairview Health Services and University of Minnesota Physicians. University of Minnesota Health is being co-led by the chief executive officer of University of Minnesota Physicians and the president of University of Minnesota Medical Center.

Better integration of care across hospitals and clinics will not only improve the patient experience, it will also make care delivery more efficient.  University of Minnesota Health will work to lower health care costs through team approaches to medicine, leveraging all talents on the care delivery team.  Better coordination should also reduce costs by reducing duplication of tests and procedures, and developing a more nimble and streamlined administrative structure. The agreement will bolster the national standing of the University of Minnesota Medical School while positioning University of Minnesota Health as a top tier academic health system nationally.  This will help the University attract and retain high level students, researchers and care providers.

Since the integration process began in summer 2013, the organizations have already seen a number of benefits, including improvements in patient experience measures and efficiency. Integration has also brought enhancements to operating models, allowing better coordination of visits and testing.  This is helping reduce the number of clinic visits patients need to make and the time they spend in hospitals and clinics for care.

“Becoming a world-class academic health center requires a level of commitment and focus that can only be achieved by working as one team with a single vision: providing exceptional quality and safety and an unmatched patient experience,” said Carolyn Wilson, president of University of Minnesota Medical Center. “Whether patients visit our hospitals, our clinics, or they receive care at home, they will have access to the best in innovative, high quality care.”