Greater Minnesota

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From Warroad to Worthington, Stillwater to Pipestone, the University of Minnesota makes the state a healthier place. We teach 70 percent of Minnesota’s health care providers and our faculty members care for thousands of patients each year. Through research, we bring new treatments to patients and drive policies that benefit the health and wellbeing of our communities and beyond.

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How we're making a difference in Greater Minnesota

Increasing healthcare access while training future doctors

Our Medical School has placed more than 600 students across Greater Minnesota through its Rural Physician Associate Program, which bolsters communities’ access to healthcare while offering third-year medical school students real-world experience.

Dental clinics

In partnership with UCare, the School of Dentistry developed a mobile dental clinic that travels across the state, improving access to oral healthcare. This is on top of the multiple brick-and-mortar community-based dental clinics throughout Minnesota.

Pharmacists for your community

Our College of Pharmacy, which graduates 287 students each year, requires they serve clinical rotations in Greater Minnesota, providing a richer learning experience while benefiting smaller communities facing pharmacist shortages.

Veterinarian training, livestock care

To ensure communities in Greater Minnesota have appropriate livestock care, the College of Veterinary Medicine developed VetFast, removing barriers and hastening training for aspiring veterinarians.

Nurse practitioners

To alleviate care shortages across Minnesota, lawmakers approved legislation allowing highly trained nurses to practice medicine without the oversight of a physician. These nurses are trained in our Doctor of Nursing Practice program.