Interprofessional Education

Interprofessional education impact illustration

For our country’s health care system to truly evolve, we need to start with our students. Only from new interprofessional education models can we properly train our future health care providers to be focused on teamwork, cooperation, and new ways of thinking.

The University of Minnesota’s health sciences curriculum trains our students for success within a changing health care landscape. 

Learning together

More than 7,000 students are enrolled in more than 60 degree programs across the health sciences at the University of Minnesota. Even more impressive, though, is how our students work together.

Group of students on campus lawn

An initiative with a vision for interprofessional education, the innovative program allows students from across the health sciences to participate in courses and experiences which build their understanding of the complete health care environment.

Group of students and researchers from different professions

In 2012 we became the nation’s first coordinating center for interprofessional education. This has been impacting education in Minnesota and nationwide. 

Group of students playing a board game

At the CHIP Student Center, we offer health professions students an exciting opportunity to meet and collaborate with students from other colleges.