Bernadette Gillick, PhD, PT

Photo of Bernadette Gillick, PhD, PT

Assistant Professor, Program in Physical Therapy
“If we are able to maximize the recovery of a child who had a stroke early in their life, the impact throughout their lifetime could be positively influenced. As a researcher, that’s a big deal. I recognize the potential for new interventions to advance pediatric outcomes and the continued striking need for pediatric neurologic research at the highest level.”

Bernadette Gillick, PhD, PT, is an assistant professor in the Program in Physical Therapy. Dr. Gillick’s current research interests focus on combining non-invasive brain stimulation and a promising form of rehabilitation known as constraint-induced movement therapy.  Her work aims to improve recovery of function in children with cerebral palsy who have suffered a stroke, specifically around the time of birth. These forms of brain stimulation have shown no evidence of seizure or other serious adverse event. The sensation is described as painless, and does not require sedation or surgery. Also, this therapy has the potential to be applied in the clinical setting, simultaneously with rehabilitation training.