Katy Backes Kozhimannil, PhD, MPA

Photo of Katy Backes Kozhimannil, PhD, MPA

Associate Professor, Division of Health Policy and Management, School of Public Health
Director of Research, Rural Health Research Center
"How women give birth, how babies come into the world, and how children develop and families flourish are fundamentally important for improving public health and individual well-being."

Katy Backes Kozhimannil, PhD, MPA, an associate professor in the Division of Health Policy and Management in the School of Public Health, conducts research to inform the development, implementation, and evaluation of health policy that impacts reproductive-age women and their families. She researches the policy impact among special populations, including working mothers, racial and ethnic minorities, low-income women, and rural populations. Her current research examines the measurement and improvement of maternity care quality, with a focus on vulnerable populations and geographic variations.