Lynn Blewett, PhD

Photo of Lynn Blewett, PhD

Professor, Division of Health Policy and Management, School of Public Health
Director, State Health Access Data Assistance Center (SHADAC)
"What motivates me to do the work that I do is the need to develop a body of rigorous research and sound data that can be leveraged to drive health policy that is evidence-based and thereby able to effectively expand insurance coverage and access for the uninsured."

Lynn Blewett, PhD, directs the State Health Access Data Assistance Center (SHADAC), a research and policy center funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to support state efforts to monitor and evaluate programs to increase access and coverage. The Center provides high level access to federal surveys such as the Current Population Survey (CPS) and the American Community Survey (ACS) which are accessible through an online Data Center. She also heads up a new project to provide technical assistance to 10 states committed to the implementation of the Affordable Care Act as part of the State Health Reform Assistance Network. She helped to bring a Census Research Data Center (RDC) to the University of Minnesota and is the only RDC with a health services and policy focus. She has collaborated with the Minnesota Population Center which houses one of Blewett’s NIHCD projects to harmonize and integrate over 50 years of the U.S. National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) to make it access for academic and policy research. Blewett teaches U.S. Health Care Systems and Public Health and International Health Systems and works with both Masters and Doctoral-level students. Graduates who have worked with Blewett have had positions with the Census Bureau, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Congressional Research Service, the Food and Drug Administration, and the Centers for Disease and Prevention.