Michael Howell, MD

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Associate Professor, Department of Neurology, Medical School
"We are at a unique moment in the history of human beings’ search for knowledge where a combination of basic neuroscience, functional neuroimaging and cognitive behavioral sciences are demonstrating that good sleep is critical for optimal brain function from birth to old age."

Michael Howell, MD, an associate professor in the Department of Neurology, is a leading expert in the relationship between sleep and the brain. Dr. Howell's primary research interests focus on abnormal nocturnal behaviors, the parasomnias (sleepwalking, REM sleep behavior disorder, sleep apnea) as well as sleep and athletic performance. Howell studies how sleep disorders could be early predictors for Parkinson’s disease, which allows him the unique opportunity to reverse the neurodegenerative condition. For athletes of any level, Howell stresses the need for optimizing sleep to improve athletic performance and is actively pursuing interventions to reach the pinnacle of human performance. Howell was named “Best of 2012 Sleep Doctors” by Sleep Review. 

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