Stephen J. Haines, MD

Photo of Stephen J. Haines, MD

Professor, Medical School
"Neurosurgery has given me the opportunity to return people facing life threatening or disabling conditions to a normal life. Training neurosurgeons to do the same extends that opportunity to many communities. Doing neurosurgical research creates the possibility of extending that opportunity to the entire world."

Stephen J. Haines, MD, has been a neurosurgeon for nearly 30 years and throughout his career has gained valuable knowledge and experiences that he uses to teach the next generation of great neurosurgeons. Haines’ primary research interest focuses on the application of advanced clinical research techniques to neurosurgery and the development of resources for the evidence-based practice of neurosurgery. Haines is always looking to improve the quality of clinical research in neurosurgery and applying that information to develop new and appropriate surgical techniques. Haines’ primary clinical interests lie in surgery of the skull base, cranial nerves and posterior fossa, pediatric neurosurgery and brain tumors. He has extensive experience in the surgery of acoustic neuroma, trigeminal neuralgia and hemifacial spasm, craniofacial disorders, complex hydrocephalus, pediatric and adult myelodysplasia. 

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