Biomedical Discovery District

Biomedical Discovery District rendering

When disciplines meet, discoveries happen.

The University of Minnesota's Biomedical Discovery District enables researchers across the Academic Health Center to collaborate on the development of therapies and cures for our most challenging health conditions.

Lab research

The University of Minnesota’s Biomedical Discovery District is a complex of the most advanced research buildings found anywhere in the country. Within the five buildings that form the district, researchers pursue discoveries that will change the face of health care now and throughout the future.

In partnership with the state of Minnesota, the University of Minnesota developed the Biomedical Discovery district to allow researchers from across the University to work side by side, unlocking new cures and therapies for our most challenging health conditions. The district is also key to Minnesota’s continued leadership in the biosciences.

As an incubator for new ideas and products, the Biomedical Discovery District will bolster Minnesota’s economy, firmly positioning the state as a leader in the bioscience industry. 

Most importantly, it’s our belief that when disciplines meet, discoveries happen. The Biomedical Discovery District is the place where ideas are born, developed, and pushed forward.

About the buildings

At the University of Minnesota, we think of the Biomedical Discovery District as a neighborhood, full of extremely talented investigators. By bringing them together, and encouraging them to interact and collaborate, we are facilitating new ideas and approaches to curing some of the world’s most devastating diseases and conditions.

Here are the facilities of the Biomedical Discovery District, and the centers, institutes and programs located in each:

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