Research Topics

McGuire Translational Research Facility

Since the 1920s, the University of Minnesota has been at the forefront of progressive research in the health sciences.

From the first-ever successful bone marrow transplant to the development of anti-HIV drugs, we translate research into innovative, excellent patient care. Our researchers work collaboratively as leaders to truly make an impact on patient care in Minnesota and across the globe.

Our research areas

addiction graphic

We're working to get at the root causes of addiction, along with advancing treatment and prevention strategies.

seniors sitting around a table

We’re responding to issues of the aging population by fostering basic and applied research, education and training.

researchers in white lab coats pipetting materials

Our biomaterials and biomechanics research has led to the development of revolutionary healthcare solutions.

Red blood cells

Our pediatric blood and marrow transplant program has a legacy of changing perspectives around what is medically possible.

Artistic illustration of neural networks

University experts are working to understand the diseases and disorders of the brain that affect millions of people every day.

Cancer cells

We're home to a world-class, collaborative research environment focused on the causes, detection, prevention and treatment of cancer.

heart cells

University researchers are working to free the world of cardiovascular disease, which has been the focus ever since they pioneered open heart surgery.

A doctor letting a baby touch and examine her stethoscope

By operating at the intersection of clinical care, research and education, we're able to create and deliver the latest innovations in pediatric medicine.

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Alleviating and preventing the impact of chronic illnesses like heart disease, stroke, diabetes, arthritis and cancer is a top priority at the University.

A diverse group of smiling people standing next to a sign that reads "Free clinic is open."

Our researchers and clinical care providers have a legacy of improving our understanding of issues that impact community health.

A large, fluffy dog facing a small, fuzzy kitten in a sunny field of tall grass

Comparative medicine researchers are expanding our understanding of both human and animal disease mechanisms.


We're combating diabetes with some of the most innovative treatments currently available anywhere in the world.

A glass vial of clear, liquid medicine on top of a gray countertop

Faculty across the health sciences are working together to develop the most advanced pharmaceuticals available today.

Abstract graphic featuring hexagons and various shades of green, aqua, and blue

We're helping to increase access and close the gaps surrounding health insurance, rural health, dental care, and more.

green oblong cells

Our research is focused on prevention, control and treatment of targeted infectious diseases and public health preparedness.

MRI brain scans

The Center for Magnetic Resonance Research boasts some of the most advanced instrumentation in the world.

A pile of nutritious and leafy green vegetables

University experts are conducting research that sheds new light on the causes of obesity and outlines potential solutions.

stem cells

Stem cells hold infinite potential for preventing and curing disease, and we're on the forefront of unlocking this potential.