Chronic Disease Management

The future health of our country depends on solutions to chronic conditions.

Pharmacists in a labAt the University of Minnesota, alleviating and preventing the impact of chronic illnesses like heart disease, stroke, diabetes, arthritis and cancer is a top priority.

Research and education are needed to discover the best prevention strategies and treatment options. From medication management services keeping chronic disease medications effective to research on easing arthritis pain and helping patients who have experienced a stroke recover from depression, the University of Minnesota’s six health schools are actively involved in preventing and managing chronic disease.

Our researchers and educators work every day to ensure our discoveries make a difference. And our students enter the workforce prepared to take part in disease management and our patients receive the best available care.

Education spotlight

The University of Minnesota has eight family medicine residencies—five in the Twin Cities and three in Greater Minnesota. All share in the commitment to full spectrum family medicine training. 

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