Education and Training

Training the next generation of health professionals

We prepare the next generation of professionals who will improve the health of Minnesota’s families and communities. Our graduates provide leading-edge care to patients, conduct groundbreaking research to develop new treatments and cures, and help address major health issues facing our state and the world.

Providing students with high quality, innovative, interprofessional education

Veterinarian. Surgeon. Eye doctor. Dentist. Pharmacist. Nurse practitioner. Lab scientist. Public health nutritionist. And more—through our degrees and programs, you can gain the education you need for a full range of health careers. And you can continue that education through our professional development and continuing education programs.

Our students receive invaluable, real-world experience

Our students gather knowledge in the classroom and absorb critical life lessons from practitioners, patients, and community membes alike, instilling a sense of responsibility. Combined, our six academic areas have more than 7,000 students enrolled in 62 degree programs. We’ve established more than 1,500 clinical training partnerships across Minnesota, many of them in rural or underserved communities serving as training sites for our students.

Illustration with gold background representing the School of Dentistry

School of Dentistry

Minnesota's only dental school and the only dental school in the northern tier of states between Wisconsin and the Pacific Northwest, which provides rigorous, hands-on education through a wide variety of degrees and programs.

Degrees and programs

Continuing Dental Education

Illustration with gold background representing the Medical School

Medical School

Dedication to cutting-edge research and collaboration with leading professionals enables our Medical School to provide one of the finest learning and teaching environments in the nation.

Degrees and programs

Continuing Professional Development

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School of Nursing

Preparing leaders in nursing through undergraduate and graduate degrees (BSN, MN, PhD, DNP), certificate programs, and continuing education.

Degrees and programs

Continuing Professional Development

Illustration with gold background representing the College of Pharmacy

College of Pharmacy

As the only pharmacy school in Minnesota, we offer PharmD, PhD and MS programs on both the Twin Cities and Duluth campuses. We are consistently ranked among the top three pharmacy schools in the nation.

Degrees and programs

Continuing Professional Development

Illustration with gold background representing the School of Public Health

School of Public Health

Advancing excellence in research, education, and outreach for the protection, restoration, and promotion of health, well-being, security, and safety. We offer more than 20 academic programs to fit your interests and lifestyle.

Degrees and programs

Continuing Education

Illustration with gold background representing the College of Veterinary Medicine

College of Veterinary Medicine

Impacting the lives of Minnesotans every day by educating current and future veterinarians and biomedical scientists. We discover and disseminate new knowledge and skills while providing state-of-the-art veterinary services.

Degrees and programs

Veterinary Continuing Education

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Center for Allied Health Programs

The Center for Allied Health Programs' is working to improve the delivery of collaborative care to the people of Minnesota by educating and training allied healthcare professionals. Our Medical Laboratory Sciences (MLS) Program and the Program in Occupational Therapy (OT) are training allied healthcare professionals to meet the increasing workforce demands. 

Degrees and programs

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Centers and Institutes

Centers and institutes in the health sciences offer a variety of courses, certificates, degrees, and programs — both in-person and online — spanning across the educational continuum from pre-med to postdoctoral

We are here to support you.

Interprofessional education is more than a buzzword. It's our reality at the University of Minnesota health sciences—and one of our biggest strengths. Students across health professions learn, work, and collaborate together. Just like they will when they graduate. We offer a variety of resources to support students' interprofessional experience.

Specialized career center that helps undergraduate students, high school students, and adult learners explore health career options. Prepare for medical school and other health professional programs.

Support and services for health professions education, built on a culture of interprofessional collaboration and using the 1Health model.

Creates high quality interprofessional education opportunities by sparking innovations in IPE and practice. Collaborating across sectors, it engages in research and dissemination to advance interprofessionalism.

Offers health professions students opportunities to meet and collaborate with students from other colleges.

Supports students in health sciences schools and the surrounding professional health care workforce.

A jointly accredited provider of quality continuing education in medicine, nursing, and pharmacy.

Provides national leadership on interprofessional education and collaborative practice to improve health care.

This new facility will prepare students and practicing healthcare professionals for a team-based, experiential approach to patient based care.