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Driven to discover. Improving health.

Across the University of Minnesota’s health sciences, we’re making discoveries that transform. From the first-ever successful bone marrow transplant to the development of anti-HIV drugs, we translate research into innovative, excellent patient care.

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Clinical trials

Clinical trials are how we find out whether a new treatment works and is safe. For many, they provide hope and promise for an improved quality of life. Find out more and search for studies by topic.

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Research topics

Find out what the University of Minnesota is doing in the areas of research and discovery that matter to you, such as cancer, brain sciences, children's health, heart disease, and addiction.


Biomedical Discovery District

Health sciences researchers work side by side in these world-class, modern facilities that foster collaboration.

Resources for researchers and research staff

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Curated list of resources for people conducting and supporting research


Find services, facilities, and equipment for researchers

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The Academic Health Center provides these opportunities for research funding.

Helping people live longer, happier, and healthier lives

Our research is what improves healthcare. By supporting the University of Minnesota's research programs, you are helping to pioneer medical breakthroughs that help countless people.

Discoveries that change people's lives

Through our research we developed many of the treatments, medications, and diagnostic tools used in hospitals today.

Throughout our strong history, the University of Minnesota has been at the forefront of innovative research in the health sciences. We stop emerging infectious diseases in their tracks. We shape health policy and drive economic growth. We research the topics you care about—cancer, children's health, brain sciences, heart disorders, diabetes, infectious disease, and more.

As Minnesota's home for academic health, we fuel centers and institutes that make a difference, such as:

  • The Masonic Cancer Center one of 41 National Cancer Institute (NCI) comprehensive cancer centers in the United States. This NCI designation is awarded only to institutions that make ongoing, significant advances in cancer research, treatment, and education.
  • The Clinical and Translational Science Institute, one of 60 medical research institutions working together to improve the way clinical and translational research is conducted nationwide, enhancing its efficiency and quality.

Through our breakthrough research discoveries, top-notch education and training programs, and leading-edge health care, we are working to improve the health of people and animals across Minnesota and around the world.

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